Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Title I Programs provide preschool educational experiences and services to students who are at-risk for meeting Nevada Academic Content Standards.



Students must be four years old by September 30th of the current year for the Pre-K Program and:

  • Reside in the school zone and submit proof of residence in zone (zone variances are not allowed)
  • Participate in the program screening, have current immunizations and submit official birth certificate


2019-2020 Schools

  • Adcock ES
  • Bailey ES
  • Bell ES
  • Booker ES
  • Bowler, Joseph ES
  • Bruner ES
  • Cahlan ES
  • Carson ES
  • Clyde, Cox ES
  • Culley ES
  • Dearing ES
  • Decker ES
  • Diskin ES
  • Ferron ES
  • Fitzgerald ES
  • French ES
  • Goldfarb ES
  • Gragson ES
  • Griffith ES
  • Guy ES
  • Harmon ES
  • Harris ES
  • Herr ES
  • Hickey ES
  • Hinman ES
  • Katz ES
  • Keller ES
  • Kelly ES
  • King, Martin L. ES
  • Lake ES
  • Lincoln ES
  • Long ES
  • Lowman ES
  • McCall ES
  • McMillan ES
  • Mendoza ES
  • Mountain View ES
  • Perkins, Claude ES
  • Priest ES
  • Red Rock ES
  • Reed ES
  • Ronnow ES
  • Roundy ES
  • Sewell ES
  • Smith, Hal ES
  • Snyder, William ES
  • Sunrise Acres ES
  • Taylor, Robert ES
  • Thiriot ES
  • Ullom ES
  • Vegas Verdes ES
  • Wasden ES
  • Watson ES
  • West Prep ES
  • Whitney ES
  • Williams, Wendel ES
  • Wolfe, Eva ES
  • Woolley ES
  • Wynn ES

Program Components and Support Services

Early Childhood Title I Programs use Title I funds, in whole or in part, to improve cognitive, health, and social emotional outcomes for eligible children prior to entering kindergarten. The program is designed to prepare eligible children with the prerequisite skills and dispositions for learning that will enable them to benefit from later school experiences.


The Clark County School District Early Childhood Title I Program provides a high quality learning environment and is comprised of the following components and support services:



  • Highly qualified early childhood licensed teacher
  • Highly qualified teacher/family aide
  • Half day program: AM-2.5 hours with breakfast; PM-2.5 hours with lunch
  • Direct and student initiated instruction focused on mastery of NV Pre-K Content Standards
  • Teacher-student ratio – 20:2
  • 1 teacher, 1 teacher/family aide
  • Minimum number of students: 18-20 per session
  • Ongoing observation, screening, and assessment with progress reports 3 times per year



  • Title I school nurses provide hearing, vision and dental screening
  • School health services
  • Referral services
  • Assess to an Early Childhood Social Worker
  • Social Work referrals and other services to students enrolled in the program
  • Nutritious meals are provided


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