Charter Schools

District-sponsored charter schools are also eligible for Title I funding.  Their poverty level is determined using their free and reduced lunch percentage or a comparable measure.  The charter schools receiving Title I funding are considered part of the LEA.  The statute requires that their teachers and paraprofessional meet the “highly qualified” standards as public school personnel.  The District is responsible for ensuring that the charter school complies with the content of its charter and certain fiscal and operational requirements.


In general, the accountability requirement applies to charter schools in the same way they apply to regular public schools or LEAs:

  • Participate in the state assessment system;
  • Be compared to the state-developed measure of achievement;
  • If they are Title I schools that fail to meet the state-developed measure of achievement, be identified for focus or priority schools status.


Charter Schools Contact

Coordinator – Amy Cartwright – 799-3850, ext. 5063 – WAN 0671-5063

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