Private Schools

ESEA requires that local education agencies (LEAs) provide eligible private school children with Title I benefits that address their needs, on an equitable basis and in a timely manner.  Eligible students in private schools are provided the opportunity to participate in tutoring activities.  Private schools are also provided with the Title I parental involvement and professional development activities required by ESEA.


Appropriate consultation with private school officials is key to ensuring that the LEA’s program for equitable participation is a success.  Consultation must be timely and meaningful.  To be meaningful, the LEA must genuinely consider the comments of the private school.  In the end, however, the LEA makes the final decisions with respect to the Title I services that are provided to eligible private school students.


The LEA must annually contact private school officials and make an offer of services.  Additionally, the LEA must issue an invitation to a meeting at which public school officials explain the program and provide private school representatives with an opportunity to ask questions about how their students may participate.


Private Schools Contact

Coordinator – Amy Cartwright – 799-3850, ext. 5063 – WAN 0671-5063

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