Family Engagement

Family Engagement under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

ESSA calls for school districts to offer programs and activities in order to involve parents and family members in their child’s school.  Additionally, all Title I schools must develop, with parents input, a written parent and family engagement policy, and reserve at least 1% of its Title I funds to support parent and family engagement activities.


Parenting Programs

Family involvement is a strong predictor of high student achievement. Students whose families are involved in their education typically receive higher grades and test scores, complete more homework, have better attendance and exhibit more positive attitudes and behaviors. Families can become involved in children’s education in many ways, including volunteering in the classroom and on field trips, attending school activities and events and engaging in at-home learning activities.


By providing educational activities, materials, and general school information, the Title I Family Learning Centers help parents and students gain the skills and motivation they need to stay involved with their school.


Stop by for a visit anytime—you and your children are always welcome at Title I Family Learning Centers!


Family and Community Engagement Centers (FACES)

FACES is dedicated to supporting all District teachers, administrators and support staff in developing the skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the students and families we serve.  FACES was to specifically created to focus on providing effective family engagement activities and to increase the participation of all stakeholders in those family engagement activities.



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