Medical Resources

Health Care Clinics

Health care clinics use a sliding scale to determine cost of services.

American Diabetes Foundation



Cambridge Family Health Center & NV Health Center

(702) 307-5415

3900 Cambridge Ave., Las Vegas, NV


Downtown Outreach Center

(702) 380-8511

403 W. Wilson Ave., Las Vegas, NV


Family Health Center

(702) 214-5948

2225 Civic Center Dr., Suite 204C, North Las Vegas, NV


Huntridge Teen Clinic

(702) 732-8776

2100 S. Maryland Pkwy. #1, Las Vegas, NV


Juvenile Diabetes Association

(702) 732-4795


Las Vegas Outreach Clinic

(702) 307-4635

1511 Las Vegas Blvd., North Las Vegas, NV


Positive Impact

(702) 616-4824


Southern Nevada Health District

(702) 759-1000



School-Based Health Centers

School based health centers are free for children 0-18 who are not covered by insurance.

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