Title I School-Based Support

The Title I School-Based Support program serves students in Clark County School District Title I-eligible schools. Title I School-Based Support works directly with district administration and staff to develop and implement each school’s Title I plan. Technical and administrative support is provided to each school to ensure that the Title I plan supports the school’s plan for academic improvement. Title I ensures that each school complies with all federal, state, and district regulations that govern the use of Title I funds.


Services provided to Title I schools include:
  • Technical assistance to school-based personnel in the development and implementation of Title I budgets.
  • Technical assistance in the identification of scientific, research-based curriculum and technology for the Title I program.
  • Technical assistance in the development and implementation of a Parent Involvement Policy in compliance with the regulations of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).
  • Technical assistance with required paperwork for the expenditure of Title I funds.
  • Monitoring of Title I plans to ensure compliance with Federal, State and District regulations.
  • Technical assistance to teachers and support staff regarding curriculum technology, teaching techniques, and instructional strategies to increase student achievement.
  • Collaboration with Performance Zones and District staff to assist schools with the implementation of District achievement goals.
  • Yearly review, in collaboration with the School Improvement Department, of School Performance Plans to ensure compliance with the ESEA.


CCSD Supplement Not Supplant Methodology

Regardless of a school’s Title I designation, the basic allocation is based on total enrollment counts for each school, as if the state and local funds are the only monies that school is receiving.  Each school is also given additional allocations for other needs (technology, supplies, etc.).  As a result, all schools are treated the same whether or not these schools are Title I-A served.



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