CCSD Staff Internal Data Requests

The Assessment, Accountability, Research, and School Improvement (AARSI) Division is committed to providing needed data to CCSD stakeholders. Below are directions and insight on requesting data to support efforts to increase student achievement. If there are any questions, please contact the AARSI Data Services Department at (702) 799-1041, option 1, or email biesikd@nv.ccsd.netPlease note, if you are an educator who is pursuing an advanced degree, and would like to establish a research-based data collection project within the District, you should visit our Research Review Process page.


Requesting Data

To request information not currently available or accessible, please submit a CCSD Staff  Internal Data Request. Any data or reporting need, big or small, should be requested via the CCSD Staff Internal Data Request. This includes updates to existing data visualizations available on the CCSD Datalab. Once received, a member of the Data Services team will follow up with you to discuss any outstanding questions and will work with you to formalize and initiate your request. In order to fulfill your request in a timely manner, please allow as much advanced notice as possible (two weeks or more is preferred). Requests will be reviewed no less than weekly. Before completing this form, please review currently available resources identified below to verify that the information you seek does not already exist.

Nevada Report Card
Nevada School Performance Framework
CCSD Datalab
Infinite Campus

Once you have reviewed this information, if you would still like to make a request, please send an email to as the request form is currently under revision.


Add MAP Assessment Term

If you have a student who left CCSD, returned, and now needs a MAP term restored, please complete the Google Form.



The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. It governs the release of records maintained by an educational institution and access to those records. This application assures that any person who receives Clark County School District student information is aware of, and will follow, all federal, state, and District policies and regulations regarding the release of student information (20 U.S. Code 1232g (B)(4)(a-b)).



We strive to provide meaningful reports and data that meet the needs of our staff members and help the District advance towards the goals of the Pledge of Achievement.

The Data Services team may follow up with you once you receive your deliverables to verify that it meets your needs and understand how the information is being used. This feedback will be used to create better products and training in the future.


External Parties

Organizations outside of CCSD may request data using one of the following methods:

  • Complete a CCSD Research Application using the CCSD Research Review Process.
  • Work through the appropriate department to obtain a Memorandum of Understanding or Data Share Agreement.
  • For directory information requests, please contact CCSD Guidance and Counseling at 702-799-8441
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