Data Services

About Data Services

The Data Services Department provides data to various stakeholders, ensures data accuracy for all state-mandated assessments, and creates data visualization tools for District employees. Data is provided to uncover patterns, recognize correlations, and identify efficiencies. Schools use multiple sources of data to drive the District’s Focus: 2024 strategic plan. The Data Services Department strictly adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect individual student-level data.


Data Requests

The Data Services Department can create custom data sets if the information is not readily available on a public site or datalab.

  • Current employees of the Clark County School District can utilize the online Data Request Process.
  • External parties can either complete a research application or work with an existing Clark County School District employee to request a Memorandum of Understanding or a Data Share Agreement.


Data Visualizations

The CCSD Datalab ( is the District’s online data visualization and analysis platform. The goal of the CCSD Datalab is to provide teachers, site administrators, and District leaders with interactive representations of student data that provide actionable information that will lead to increased student achievement.


ACT Exemptions

Per the Nevada Department of Education Participation on Assessments Defined. “Students enrolled in Grade 11 during the administration of the College and Career Readiness Assessment (The ACT) must “participate” in order to be eligible for a standard diploma. Students enrolled in a Nevada school after the Grade 11 ACT administration are exempted; NRS 389.807:”.

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