ACT Participation

Per the Nevada Department of Education, “Students enrolled in Grade 11 during the administration of the College and Career Readiness Assessment (The ACT) must “participate” in order to be eligible for a standard diploma.”




Students not enrolled in a Nevada school on the Grade 11 ACT administration date are exempted; Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 389.807:

  • Any students not enrolled in CCSD on the initial ACT test date for their 11th grade year will be automatically exempted. Mass exemptions occur in December and May of each school year for students matching the previously stated criteria.




Students who answer at least one question are considered participants, but may not receive a score. If this is the case: 


National Score Entries


For students who take a national test (usually on a Saturday), and identify themselves as attending a CCSD school, AARSI will update the student’s record on the Assessment tab in Infinite Campus. This typically takes 4-6 weeks after test completion. If scores are not in Infinite Campus in 4-6 weeks, or if the student did NOT identify themselves as attending a CCSD school (i.e. took the test while enrolled elsewhere):

  • Current employees of the Clark County School District can request a manual score entry into Infinite Campus if an official score report from ACT is available (transcripts, memos, etc. are not official score reports).
  • Score reports (along with the student name and ID) should be emailed to


Early Graduates


State sponsored ACT scores for Grade 11 students are available in Infinite Campus after a complete file is received from NDE (usually in June). For Grade 11 students who intend to graduate prior to that time, AARSI can manually enter a score result into Infinite Campus. If this is the case:


ACT Writing


Students who do not receive a score for the writing portion of the ACT will be given an exemption when the score is entered into Infinite Campus by AARSI staff. However, if this has not been done for an existing ACT record and is preventing the student from been cleared on the Academic Planner, please send a request for the student to be given a writing exemption (along with the student ID) to