CCSD Staff Internal Data Requests


The Data Services department is responsible for providing data to various stakeholders, ensuring data accuracy for all state-mandated assessments, and creating data visualization tools for District employees. Data is provided to uncover patterns, recognize correlations, and identify efficiencies. Schools use multiple sources of data to drive the District’s Focus: 2024 strategic plan.


Internal Data Requests

Information other than directory information is inaccessible without the written consent of the parent/legal guardian or eligible student. Exempt from this ruling are school officials who have a “legitimate educational interest” which is defined as any activity having a direct effect on advancing a student’s educational level, coupled with a concern for the student’s social, emotional, and/or physical welfare.

Student directory information may not be released to commercial businesses for the purpose of advertising or marketing.

Please note, requests to establish a research-based data collection project within the District, should adhere to the Research Review Process.

Publicly Accessible Data

Prior to submitting a request for data, please review the information already publicly available in posted sites.

For requests related to academic achievement, growth, English language proficiency, closing opportunity gaps, graduation rates, and student engagement, please refer to the Nevada Report Card: 

Nevada Report Card

For requests related to District budgets and financial reports, please refer to Open Book: 

Open Book

If a requester is a member of the public or is requesting information for tasks that are outside the normal business operations, they must make a public records request: 

Public Records Request | Clark County School District

For requests related to disaggregation of school enrollments including demographics, FRL status, language proficiency, IEP indicators, or GATE, please refer to the Nevada Department of Education Data Center:

Data Center

If an internal data request is still necessary, please send an email to as the request form is currently under revision.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. It governs the release of records maintained by an educational institution and access to those records. This application assures that any person who receives Clark County School District student information is aware of, and will follow, all federal, state, and District policies and regulations regarding the release of student information (20 U.S. Code 1232g (B)(4)(a-b)).

Requesting Data

We strive to provide meaningful reports and data that meet the needs of our staff members and help the District. The Data Services team will follow up to verify the details of the request. In order to fulfill your request in a timely manner, please allow as much advance notice as possible (two weeks or more is preferred).

External Parties

Organizations outside of CCSD may request data using one of the following methods: