Research Review Process

CCSD’s highly diverse student population offers a wide range of contexts for conducting educational research and program evaluations. Therefore, we receive numerous requests from a variety of individuals and organizations for permission to conduct research within our District. Before conducting research in CCSD, studies must be approved through CCSD’s research review process. This is done through the online Research Application and Release of Student Information System, which handles research applications as well as requests for the release of student information. Please log in using the instructions below.

Online Application Login Instructions

  • If you are a CCSD employee, log in to using your Active Directory credentials and access the application by selecting Research Application & Release of Student Information System from the applications (services) listing.
  • If you are not a CCSD employee, and don’t yet have an account, please create one by going to Research Application & Release of Student Information System and clicking the button that says Log in to AARSIAPPS. Then click the button that says Public¬†Registration and fill out the form. Make sure to use a valid email address during the account creation process, as notification emails pertaining to your application will be sent to that address. Once your account is created, you can access the application using your email address and password and follow the instructions to submit a Letter of Intent and later complete your full research application.

Note: If you are requesting student data, please note that in most cases we will require that you go through the full research review process by completing a research application and having it approved before your student data request is granted.

Research Review Process Steps

  1. Submit letter of intent
  2. Letter of Intent review
  3. Notification of Letter of Intent review decision
  4. Invitation to submit a research application
  5. Submit research application
  6. CCSD division or department application review
  7. Committee review
  8. Notification of review decision

A full description of these steps can be found within the Research Application & Release of Student Information System.

Notification of review decision

Applicants will be notified via email of approval or rejection of the application. If approved, the applicant will be asked to read and agree to the conditions described in the conditions of approval form. Letters of intent and all other application material should be submitted through the Research Application Submission System.


The following materials are provided for your information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Research Review Procedures Manual

Background Checks and Fingerprinting

There have been recent changes in the laws surrounding the requirements for people who interact with students that may affect your research project. All researchers who will have unsupervised contact with students need to go through a background check and have their fingerprints taken by CCSD. This only applies to those who will have unsupervised contact with students. If you will not be in contact with students (i.e., project does not involve contact with students; have completed all data collection), or if a teacher or school administrator will be with you at all times when you are on school grounds, this will not apply to you. Additionally, if you are a CCSD employee who already has a background check and fingerprints on file, this will not apply to you.

If there is any chance the researcher or a member of the research team will be alone with students, a volunteer application must be completed with the CCSD Human Resources Division. Please refer to the Protect Our Kids website or call Human Resources at 702-799-2273 with any questions.


CFR 34 Part 97 Protection of Human Subjects
NIH Human Subjects Protection Certification Program