Data Visualizations

Data Visualizations

The goal of data visualization is to quickly and easily be able to answer specific questions about the normal operations of a school or group of schools by utilizing graphic representations of data that are simple to use, easy to read, and contain the most accurate and up-to-date information. To that end, the Clark County School District (CCSD) maintains access to two visualization tools for all CCSD employees with the appropriate levels of access.



FocusED is the preferred data dashboard for data visualization as the platform provides additional insights and a deeper level of analysis. This tool allows schools to monitor, analyze, and extract relevant data from a variety of data sets in a way that is visual and interactive.  Access is available for school administrators, teachers, and central office personnel. 


FocusED Onboarding

In order to use FocusED most effectively, users are recommended to complete the onboarding process. Starting the onboarding process will immediately enroll the user into the appropriate groups to allow access to specific tools and visualizations.


Please use the buttons below to navigate to the correct onboarding for your job description.  It is important to note that while the instructions are similar for all job categories, the resources provided during the onboarding process vary depending on the user’s current level of access in Infinite Campus.  Please be sure to choose the appropriate link. 


Onboarding Links:


Passing the exam is not required to gain access to FocusED. Provisioning is granted upon enrollment in the course.



The CCSD Datalab ( is the District’s online data visualization and analysis platform. The goal of the CCSD Datalab is to provide teachers, site administrators, and District leaders with interactive representations of student data that provide actionable information that will lead to increased student achievement.