The Assessment, Accountability, Research, and School Improvement (AARSI) Division offers the following services and supports.

  • Provide professional development for assessment literacy and a Balanced Assessment System.
  • Manage and support the District’s Grade Book.
  • Manage, facilitate, and support the implementation of the following state mandated assessments:
    • ACT (Grade 11 students)
    • English Language Proficiency Assessment (WIDA ACCESS 2.0)
    • Smarter Summative (English language arts and mathematics, Grades 3-8)
    • Science (Grades 5 and 8)
  • Coordinate the facilitation and training for the Read by Grade Three MAP assessment.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessments.
  • Comply with federal and state regulations for test security training and guidance to school staff.

  • Provide accountability data to the Nevada Department of Education for District and School Accountability Reports
  • Verify participation and/or passing of state assessments required for high school graduation.
  • Roster students and validate data for state-mandated assessments: ACT for Grade 11 students, End of Course ELA II Writing Assessment (27,000 students), Measures of Academic Performance (MAP), Nevada Alternate Assessment (NAA), Nevada Science Assessment (80,000 students), State Summative (150,000 students), and WIDA ACCESS 2.0 (60,000 students).
  • Provide customized data sets to stakeholders when other venues cannot provide the necessary level of disaggregation or additional fields of interest.
  • Create, maintain, and train personnel regarding various data visualizations.
  • Roster students and validate data for mandated assessments – State Summative, WIDA ACCESS 2.0, Measures of Academic Performance (MAP), ACT for Grade 11 students, Nevada Alternate Assessment (NAA), Nevada Science Assessment Rostered approximately 150,000 students for the Summative Assessment, 27,000 students for the End of Course ELA II Writing Assessment, 1,600 students for the Nevada Alternative Assessment, 80,000 students for the Nevada Science Assessment, 80,000 students for the Nevada Science Assessment, and 60,000 students for the WIDA Assessment.
  • ​Develop and disseminate the annual Districtwide Survey as required by NRS 388G, Section 23:2:(a).
  • ​Provide the annual Central Services Survey as required by NRS 388G, Section 31:1 and 31:2.
  • ​Facilitate the regulatory requirements for schools pursuing/continuing Standard Student Attire.
  • ​Facilitate the Research Application process for outside researchers.
  • ​Facilitate the Data Request process for outside researchers.
  • ​Ensure only appropriate and de-identified data is released to external researchers. This activity protects student information, assists many CCSD employees (primarily at school sites) to continue their education, and ensures compliance with FERPA regulations.
  • ​Conduct additional surveys and research reports related to District initiatives.
  • Support schools to meaningfully engage in the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) for school improvement.
  • Provide the community with a focused, data-driven plan for Districtwide improvement.
  • Support schools with understanding and using the CCSD Datalab to analyze and interpret data for school improvement.
  • Provide professional development and technical assistance with the effective use of assessments for student learning and for schoolwide monitoring.
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